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Situated right beside the lake, Kyöstinranta is a separate sauna building on two floors. Upstairs there is a meeting room fully fitted out with conference equipment which can easily be turned into a place for informal evening get-togethers or celebrations.

Meetings for up to 30 guests. The open fireplace sets the scene for both meetings and evening get-togethers. There is also a delightful balcony on the upper floor.

On the lower level is the sauna, with showers and dressing rooms. You can enjoy the magic of an open fire downstairs too. After the heat of the sauna, relax on the lakeside terrace or take a plunge in the lake from the pontoon.

The lakeside sauna building is within Gustavelund’s licenced serving area, so we regret that customers may not bring their own refreshments to the building.

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