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Recharge your batteries for work at Gustavelund

Coping at work, maintaining working capacity and company performance come down to employees’ health, motivation and job satisfaction. Having positive employees in good physical shape is a key factor for a functioning working community.

We can book you interesting, expert lectures and training sessions that are stimulating both physically and mentally. The UKK Walk Test is a useful indicator of physical ability, and we can also gauge participants’ state of health using other body measurement devices. The results are analysed in feedback sessions where you get hints and tips for a healthier everyday. Learn body control, stretching and relaxing with our yoga and pilates instructors. We have a wide range of services to improve coping and well-being at work – not to forget the delicious and healthy catering to go with it!

WHP booster day

morning:  PYRAMID OF SUCCESS – lecture by professional coach Jussi Jäntti


Following the Footsteps of Tuusula’s Lakeside Artists is a brisk but relaxed hiking tour to Finland’s cultural roots.

UKK walk test

The walk test is a quick and easy way to measure aerobic fitness. You are given confidential feedback on your health and weight index. The test tells you about your breathing and cardiovascular health relative to your age group.

If you wish we also measure your body fat percentage. As well as the test result you also get information on a healthy diet.

For a group of 20, the walk test takes about 1.5 hours. It is advisable to dress according to the weather and wear good walking shoes.

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