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Pilates is a totally feel-good workout, offering a wonderful moment of relaxation. Benefit from relief for neck and shoulder pains, stronger core muscles and improved posture. Add to that the soothing effect of beautiful, relaxing music and controlled breathing.

Duration 45-60 min.

Mekostenon stretching

This stretching regime is excellent in the middle or at the end of a long meeting day. Stretching releases tension in the body and is both mentally and physically refreshing.

Stretching during break in meeting room 20 min.

Whole body stretching  60 min. Max. 25 participants.

Swinging Nordic walking

Swinging Nordic walking is simple exercise with walking poles that encourages movement and agility. Good music helps you along of course. And, yes, generally at some stage your steps, poles and brain get into a complete twist, but just that’s the fun of it! If you ever thought Nordic walking was dull, swinging Nordic walking might make you reconsider. It is also excellent mental gymnastics and afterwards you will find your mind cleared.

The exercises are performed outside, so it is advisable to dress according to the weather. Duration 45 min. Alternatively, in very cold weather or if there is a cutting wind, the programme can be shortened.

Boogie Shoes

Put on your boots and you Stetson. Easy, quick-to-learn line dancing even for larger groups. Afterwards you might want to show off your skills at your company party. Line dancing is suitable for everybody, and there’s no pressure to perform once you dare to step onto the dance floor. An activity that goes well with Wild West theme evenings.

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