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Magician Laurila

Magician Laurila is a magic pro. With over 20 years of performing experience, his dazzling magic will break the ice and start positive discussions. The magic show works well with both small and large events and meetings.

Magic Cabinet

The audience gather round the magician’s table – and are amazed!

Interactive and captivating experience for  max. 30 persons.

Performance lasts approx. 30 minutes.

”Illusion” + ”Fantasy”

30 minute interactive, stunning and comical stage show. Performance includes magic tricks and amusing situations, where the audience participate from their seats and on stage. The magician also performs magic at your tables. 10 min/table/party.

Magician Mano d'Oro

Maître close-up, professional magic stage show, big illusions!

Quality, incredible magic for all your events! "French touch"!

Mentalism show

Magic of the Mind!  Marvel at the mysteries of the mind in Jenni Sofia’s mystical, distinctive and captivating mentalism show. The performer-audience interaction makes every show a unique experience. The performance includes mental magic, clairvoyance and mind-reading, and is sure to make your event unforgettable. Duration approx. 45 min.

For children: Magic show including animal balloons. For birthdays and children’s events. Duration 30 min.

Hula hoop show

El Ritmo! Fast-paced and classy hula hoop show to liven up your event. Duration 5-10min (space requirement 5m x 5m x 4m).

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