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Experience Halosenniemi

Explore a real artist’s home, Pekka Halonen’s Halosenniemi. On the trip you can experience genuine, unpretentious Finnish values amidst unspoilt nature. Together we explore the striking log house and art exhibition.

The trip can be made either by traditional long rowing boat both ways or by boat one way and hiking the other.
The hiking section can be a guided cultural walk or Nordic walking.

Duration approx. 2.5 hours.

Minimum 10 participants if by long boat both ways. For boat-hiking combinations, minimum 20 participants.

Nature spotting

Our trail guide takes tour groups to a wetland within the hotel grounds where there is a nature trail with duckboards. The wetland is a nature spotter’s paradise, especially in spring, with many bird species. The trail guide also tells about the plants and other animals in the area.

Duration approx. 0.5 - 1.5 hours.

Also makes a good breather after a meeting lunch. 

Cycling tour to an organic farm

A leisurely cycling tour to a nearby organic farm, where we are welcomed by the farmer himself. You can also visit the farm shop. On the way back we stop off to enjoy the views at Sarvikallio and do some bird spotting .

Duration 2 - 3 hours.

The trip can also be a sporty mountain bike tour round Lake Tuusula.
As well as the places mentioned above, the trip can also include a visit to the Seitteli wetland area.
Duration 3 - 4 hours.

Cycling tour along the Lake Road

Put your helmet on and jump into the saddle. Let’s take a cycling tour along Tuusula’s picturesque Lake Road. Along the way we will see Aleksis Kivi’s memorial cottage, the Lotta Museum, Halosenniemi, Ahola and Ainola. Cycling with us is a guide who relates stories about the artists’ community.

Duration 1.5-2 hours.

Following the footsteps of Tuusula’s Lakeside Artists

Following the footsteps of Tuusula’s  Lakeside Artists is a brisk but relaxed walk along the Tuusula Lake Road.
The outing is a historical experience with popular stories about the life of Tuusula’s lakeside artists.

Why did Aleksis Kivi get a room of his own in a small cottage with many residents?

How happened when the superstitious poet J.H. Erkko noticed a weather vane had fallen off his roof?

Why did Eino Leino’s roommate drive him mad?                    

The tour provides answers to these questions.

For a unique experience, add a long boat rowing trip to the outing.

Half the group row a traditional long boat past picturesque Halosenniemi to Aleksis Kivi’s memorial cottage, where the other half of the group walk through historical Tuusula.
At the cottage, the groups change round – those who rowed there walk back and vice versa. Request an offer from our sales service team.

Tour skating and kick sledding

Tour skating and kick sledding on Lake Tuusula.

Come and enjoy the thrill of tour skating on Lake Tuusula, the longest ice track in the Helsinki region!

Tour skating  can be a refreshing break in your meeting or part of  a well-being at work programme. Along the way you can admire the many cultural sites along Lake Tuusula, including artist Pekka Halonen’s Halosenniemi and Aleksis Kivi’s memorial cottage. Duration approx. 1.5 hours. 

Sibelius rowing tour

In the Sibelius rowing tour, an experienced tour guide takes your group out on to Lake Tuusula in a traditional long boat to the landscape of Pekka Halonen and Jean Sibelius. During the trip we hear music by Sibelius and stories of life in the former artists’ community. Poems by Eino Leino and other poets are also recited.

Lake Tuusula cultural cruise

The historical surroundings and a peaceful cruise on Lake Tuusula will unwind you. During the cruise you will hear fascinating stories about the Finnish ‘Golden Era’ artists such as composer Jean Sibelius while watching beautiful scenery float by. After the cruise you can relax in the unique vintage design hotel Gustavelund with delicious meals, and choose to experience genuine Finnish sauna. All this can be experienced only 15 minutes away from hectic Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Capasity 12 persons/tour.

Package offer for groups min. 9 persons:
Accommodation, Cruise, breakfast, morning sauna with pool & jacuzzi 
118 €/person/night (twin/double room)
145 €/person/night (single room)

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